We unify and automate datastreams and convert them into beautiful images. Sometimes, with 120 frames per second. We are a Brand of Bertelsmann / Mohn Media.


* 6th Floor overview over one of several parts of our printing facility.

Founded in 2015 as some sort of a rogue unit within the Bertelsmann Printing Group, vime quickly established different ways to visualise data. From prepress data to CAD, from Polygons to Drawings, we are able unify datastreams with custom hardware tailored to the case at hand and a process pipeline to juggle the quantities.

We serve well-known clients, both national and international, in the areas of furniture, sanitary ceramics, home products, printing and more. We are  processing a seven digit amount of articles per year, supporting our customers to complete parts of the customer journey.


A mixture between Artists and Engineers, vime is looking for new ways to enhance the digital realm in ways of mass-processing. Inbetween our handling of data, we always have a keen eye for the next upcoming technology and a bit of spare time left for deeply looking into promising research topics. Instead of going after trends, we like to discover the how and why behind the technology we use. If we cannot help it, results of this work are flowing back into our processing environment.



A Brand of Bertelsmann/Mohn Media

Carl-Bertelsmann-Str. 161 M
33311 Gütersloh
+49 5241 80 0