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Full-Stack Automatisation for the Bathroom and Sanitary Industry.


Any Data in, Render out.

With Bathbase, we put back the glue between CAD, Technical Drawings, Polygon Data and Rendering. We are capable of adopting fundamentally different data streams and unifying  them using an extensive rule-based logical system. 
Hand drawn data, tables with dozens of measurements, CAD Data, Polygon Data, Photos or Real-World Models. Whatever the case, we can tanslate unstructured, desynced data streams into a language which our production system can process. 

A procedural approach makes it possible to logically disassemble the different parts of a product  and reassemble them in quantities beyond manual human interaction. The production system is capable of processing half a million items ber batch size to create every conceivable configuration in form, material and colour.



A Brand of Bertelsmann/Mohn Media

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